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At aietes, we provide tailored support for clients’ staffing needs. Our focus is on delivering professional staffing for both temporary and long-term challenges. With a pool of highly qualified personnel in the fields of IT, software development, database management and other IT specializations, as well as expertise in business positions in the area of legal and compliance, we offer comprehensive staffing solutions.

Clients can promptly integrate experienced professionals into their projects and benefit from our flexible staffing solution. We focus on providing the right experts to meet the clients’ individual requirements in the financial world.

Staff Leasing

We support projects by hiring out personnel. To ensure the best results, we proceed as follows:

  1. Requirements - In close consultation with the client, we record, discuss and specify your project requirements.
  2. Presentation - We present a carefully selected group of experts and their conditions, and organize interviews with the client preferred ones (by telephone, video conference or in person).
  3. Agreement - After the decision, we draw up the contracts and discuss the next steps.
  4. Project - We accompany clients through the entire project. In case extensions or takeovers, we are available for appropriate discussions.

Employee Placement

At aietes, we support experts in meeting the perfect network in the financial industry. We support the ideal candidate to complement our clients in the following activities:

  1. Application - We look at the candidate application documents and identify possible employment opportunities.
  2. Screening - In the first interview, we get to know each other, discuss requirements, and expectations and outline the next steps.
  3. Introduction - We take over communication with clients, present profiles to our contacts and organize interviews.
  4. Contracting - After a successful introduction, we take care of communication, legal matters, contracts and payment arrangements.
  5. Project - We also support candidates during the project, also when considering extensions or takeovers.


  • Cost savings and time savings for customers and employees.
  • Less effort due to uncomplicated processes.
  • We proactively support customer projects and ensure that deadlines are met.
  • Clients and employees benefit from access to our national and international network.
  • Modern employment conditions.
  • Our company is characterized by short decision-making processes and a pleasant corporate culture.
  • We offer candidates an entry into exciting and challenging projects. Our clients benefit from a best-fit due to our broad network of suitable candidates and our proven approach in the areas of staff leasing and employee placement.


Thomas Schulz
Thomas SchulzBusiness Development Executive
Temp Contracting & Sales

+41 79 192 55 13


  • National and international sales and recruiting.
  • Development of new service and product strategies.
  • Responsible for the aietes Temporary Contracting division.
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