Based on our growing project and industry experience, we further develop project approach models and achieve customer goals.


Leveraging internationally proven project methods and frameworks, and drawing from our continuously growing project and industry experience, we constantly refine process models to ensure the success of your project.

Our commitment focuses on driving necessary changes (Change) and optimizing business operations (Run/Business as usual). We use internationally established and proven best-practice methods to effectively assist our clients through their change and operational challenges.

We develop and implement concepts in the following areas:

  • Project governance - To successfully guide client's business through the necessary transformation, we offer tried-and-tested blueprints for setting up needs-based project management governance (classic, agile or hybrid).
  • Service Management & Business as Usual (BAU) - Our service management methods ensure efficient and process-based organization, guaranteeing smooth business operations.
  • Training - For deeper insights into common methods and frameworks, we provide customized training and personal coaching sessions.
Our specialists possess extensive experience in the use of the most common methods and hold a wide range of certifications (e.g. Scrum Master, Product Owner, ISTQB, PRINCE2, etc.). Furthermore, our consultants have also gained experience over the years in utilizing established project tools such as Azure DevOps, JIRA, Confluence, HPQC, MS Project, etc.

Project Governance

Project governance is integral to managing business change effectively. Utilizing proven best-practice methods and frameworks, we adeptly navigate this perpetual life cycle. To successfully guide your business through necessary changes, we provide support in the following areas:

  • Project management: Our approach involves not only defining roles and process models, but also setting up project organizations, including a clear definition of delivery objects,objectives, quality requirements, and risk identification. We assist our clients in tailoring project phases, offering project management services upon request, and conducting project reviews for quality assurance. We prioritize transparency, communicate in a recipient-oriented manner, and ensure timely and risk-adverse delively in line with requirements.
  • Business analysis: We foster collaboration across the specialist department, IT and management by defining corporate goals, deriving requirements, and creating holistic solution concepts,. Our approach involves defining goals and requirements, deriving implications for business processes, and conducting benchmarks with reference customers. During the development of target structures and process organizations (TOMs), we consider performance, IT, processes and organization.
  • Test management: Cross-phase test management is at the heart of our successful project management - from requirements elicitation to acceptance. In addition to the methodology, our specialists also understand how to use the usual test-supporting tools such as Jira, HPQC and MS DevOps.

Service Management & Business as Usual

After successful acceptance (user acceptance test), configuration deployment and cut-over (handover to operations), maintenance begins. We refer to this as "Run the Business" or BAU (Business as Usual). Our BAU approach is based on the following cornerstones:

  • BAU is controlled by what is known as IT service management. To ensure efficient management, IT services must be defined in advance. Our template-based approach encompasses various BAU service aspects, such as components, tasks, processes, results, skills and resources, costs and responsibilities.
  • Alongside defining the IT service management, establishing the IT service organization is crucial. This involves incorporating proven practices such as incident, problem and change management, as well as other fundamental components as service catalogs, information security and business continuity.
  • We emphasize continuous improvement or feedback loops, adhering to follow well-known principles as practicality, value for money and time to market.

Since every company has already developed a form of BAU, our approach considers existing organizational structures and adjust accordingly. This applies to IT service management and IT service organization.

Over the years, we have acquired in-depth knowledge in integrating appropriate tools, e.g. for IT service management in general, such as ServiceNow, OTRS and TopDesk, as well as for IT service descriptions in Confluence or SharePoint.


As a Center of Excellence, we offer our clients diverse training options tailored to their needs Whether it is addressing structural and procedural organization or conveying applicable standards, we draw from our extensive pool of best practices, applied methods, and frameworks. Our in-house training courses are designed to continuously enhance the skills of your team.

We offer both training courses and individual coaching sessions. In selected cases, certification options are also available.


  • Our strategies are founded upon internationally recognized best practices with a proven track record spanning decaded. What we use has proven to be successful.

  • A wide range of proven methods and frameworks adapted to your individual needs.

  • An extensive understanding of the the individual strengths and weaknesses of each best practice and framework.

  • A team of consultants with a unique blend of in-depth knowledge and practical experience.

  • A holistic perspective, encompassing business, organizational and technical considerations. This prevents any obstruction of progress, acknowledging that the failure of technical projects often extends beyond technology alone.

  • Leveraging on many years of experience, we have developed functioning frameworks (process models) in every area of project and service management.

  • A comprehensive variety of project management tools, whether agile or traditional (e.g. MS Project, MS DevOps, JIRA), service management solutions (e.g. ServiceNow, TopDesk, OTRS) and collaboration and knowledge management platforms (e.g. Confluence, Sharepoint).


  • SimCorp customers in connection with on-premise implementations or cloud migrations.
  • IT departments in all sectors with their IT projects and IT operations (BAU), covering carve-outs, consolidations, centralization projects, and corporate department reorganizations. Reducing project costs and risks by integrating test and project management, and applying proven methodologies. This includes increasing implementation quality through early test case definition with acceptance criteria and test automation (regression testing), as well as enhancing transparency of development progress and quality by monitoring test progress with suitable tools (Jira, DevOps, HPQC, etc.).
  • Addressing organizational weaknesses and complexity drivers through a thesis-based approach, identifying value creation potential through reference models for target industries and benchmarks, and conducting comprehensive requirements elicitation with a systems engineering focus aligned with business processes.
  • A successful project organization through planning implementation, milestone definition and target monitoring, supported by efficient project management leveraging years of experience with agile and classic methods. Quality assurance is maintained throughout the project framework, including the definition of delivery results and targets for optimized execution.


Patrick Graffeile<br>
Patrick Graffeile
Senior Manager
Head of Project Frameworks

+41 78 264 20 70


  • Long-standing expert in project and organization methods.
  • Project manager, PMO and trainer for agile and classic project methods.
  • Responsible for the aietes Project Frameworks division.
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