As a SimCorp partner, we support the integration of SCD (including SaaS) - the link between IT and business.


Our team comprises over 20 qualified consultants who serve as your partners for various projects. Specializing in the financial industry, we focus on creating value across the entire front-to-back value chain. From advisory services to implementation and ongoing system maintenance, we support clients at every stage of their SimCorp Dimension journey.

As an official SimCorp partner, aietes maintains the highest standards of implementation and stays current with the latest best practices. We provide comprehensive support, possess module-specific SimCorp Dimension expertise, and offer optimization and system maintenance services.

SCD Configuration

Our team of experts has an in-depth understanding of the entire SimCorp Dimension value chain, ensuring thorough coverage of all aspects, from the intricacies of the front-end to back-end processes. We collaborate closely with client representatives to gain a deep understanding of their unique requirements.

In addition to module-specific expertise, we also offer cross-system expertise to facilitate the implementation of strategies for replacing and optimizing customer applications, always aligned with customer goals.

Post-Go-Live Support

We recognize that the SimCorp Dimension journey extends beyond implementation. Consequently, it is our commitment to provide tailored solutions to effectively support system maintenance and ensure continuous optimization. To achieve this, we thoroughly assess the client’s current situation and internal challenges. This approach aims to enhance internal acceptance of the new application, facilitate successful change management implementation, and ensure optimal integration.

SaaS Evaluation

Based on customer-specific requirements, we conduct a comprehensive 360-degree analysis from an economic, organizational and technical perspective. This involves providing a thorough and impartial assessment designed to assist in the decision-making process regarding the adoption of SimCorp Cloud and Cloud Services. Our customers benefit from our standardized approach with blueprints, best practices and peer group benchmarks. Based on a comprehensive collection and evaluation of all requirements, we prepare an independent assessment including a description of the target operating model (TOM) and a presentation of the total cost of ownership (TCO).

In the event of a positive decision to migrate to the cloud, we assist our customers with our established best-practice methodology for planning and executing the migration. In addition to handling technical aspects, we provide support for organizational transformation, encompassing the implementation of new processes, acquisition of new skills, and addressing regulatory challenges. We are experienced in navigating the complex transition from the "old" to the "new" paradigm.


  • Streamlining processes by identifying system’s weaknesses, shortcomings, and opportunities, resulting in efficient addition of new functionalities and elimination of workarounds.

  • Shortening implementation times and increasing configuration quality through extensive cross-divisional, module-specific configuration experience, including implementation guidelines, migration, interfaces and data preparation.

  • First-hand insights into new functionalities relating to SimCorp Dimension.

  • As both an independent consulting team and official SimCorp implementation partner, guaranteeing continuous training and up-to-date expertise of our consultants while offering unbiased advisory and open-ended support our customers.

  • Leveraging a comprehensive understanding of asset management business models, supporting clients throughout the investment process, from inception to technical implementation.


  • The entire SimCorp Dimension journey, from implementation to the run and maintenance of the platform.
  • Greenfield and brownfield implementations with our professional expertise and technical SimCorp Dimension know-how,
  • Preparation and decision-making regarding the cloud.
  • A smooth transition from on-premises to the cloud, with a focus on project and change management.


Peter Tatar
Peter TatarManaging Director
Head of Business & IT Integration

+41 79 818 35 10


  • Long-standing expert in asset management and IT integration topics.
  • Responsible for expanding customer relationships and project development.
  • Managing Director of the aietes Business & IT Integration division.
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